The main task of any warm-up and stretching exercises is to get muscles ready for serious workout loads. When starting training session with ‘cold’ muscles one can seriously hurt and will not be able to achieve 100% of efficiency of basic workout sets. On the contrary, when a person is warming up the temperature of muscles and other tissues is increasing; blood is actively circulating in his organism and protectively preparing it for physical loads. Warmed up muscles and joints become much more flexible; and injury risk is reduced almost to zero.
In order to define the optimal duration of rest intervals Between Workouts Sets we need first to understand the very necessity of rest between sets; the sense of interchange of loads and rest intervals.
Possibly, you think that this topic is not that important. Go to a gym, take a barbell, perform an exercise – muscles will be contracting on their own…
Hi, everybody. Every day I’m getting a lot of questions about different aspects of bodybuilding. And to choose the one to that I should pay attention isn’t so simple.I’m trying to elucidate that questions which are really important and which I get most of all. Thus, today we will talk about how to grow big muscles quickly. This question is sharp enough as for beginner who have recently come to gym as for experienced athletes who were performing at different world-class competitions. Well… Let’s openly find it out without any pathos lie and hype.
So, we already have basic knowledge about muscle activity and we know the significant of a training diary. It’s high time to reward you for your patience and tell you – what makes our muscles become bigger and stronger. What is the cornerstone in bodybuilding?